Accounting: Understanding the Job


Are you graduating from high school and don’t know what course of study to pursue in college? Well, I have a suggestion. Why not take up accountancy? With a minimum income of at least three thousand dollars, the career field has a lot to offer. What a good accountant requires is attention to detail and logic. He or she has to be very passionate about numbers and also their application in the practical world. In brief words, an accountant’s job is to keep a measure of a person or organizations assets and wealth as well as deal with any payments that the person or organization has to make. They are responsible for keeping financial records accurate as well as ensuring taxes are paid on time. An accountant is closely related to an auditor and sometimes even referred to as an auditor.

Types of Accountants

Most accountants are public accountants, whose tasks are taxing, auditing and consulting for their clients which can be private businesses, individuals, organizations or even non-profit organizations. However, there are other types of accountants as well. Forensic accountants are tasked to investigate crime that takes place in the business world, for example fraud. They can be employed by the government, courts or organizations. Management accountant are tasked for recording and analyzing of financial information of the organization they work for or a specific company. Government accountants on the other hand work for the state or local government and are responsible to maintain the records of the government’s spending. Their job also includes the taxation and auditing of private business that fall under the rule of the government.

About the Job

A regular accountant would work from office though some do work from home. Getting a diploma in accounting is just the first step in achieving a successful career in accounting. To be able to achieve an accounting job that pays well and would give you a reputation with accounting firms as a good accountant, a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field is necessary. Many in this field also choose to go through a test in the country they are practicing accounting to obtain certification. An example of such a certification is Certified Public Accountant. This certification can help an accountant to advance his or her career in the field. It is also possible to continue accounting without these certifications, but advancements are limited and an individual would probably end up working for a certified accountant.

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